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Pocket Park Working Party   (11/10/2017)
There will be a Working Party at the Pocket Park this Saturday at 10 am.

Jobs for this month include:

1. Cutting/strimming and removing grass/wildflowers etc. from the banks of the new pond
2. Clearing overhanging branches around the entrance gates
3. Continuing with weed removal from the main pond - requires two people working together
4. Filling rabbit holes/removing mole hills on the stone paths
5. Litter picking - if required (not much litter seen on recent visit so may not be necessary)

Tools required: Secateurs, shears, loppers, rakes, spades

We have a supply of waders and rakes for use in the pond and litter pickers. Gloves are available if you don't have your own.

Refreshments will be provided.

Look forward to seeing you if you can make it.