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Parish Council Budget   (13/03/2017)
The budget for year 2017/18 was agreed at full council meeting in Dec 2016 with the full agreement of all councillors.

The budget has been increased from £84k to £131.8k, with the precept (portion requested from residents through Council Tax) agreed at £89k. This equates to a 3.9% increase and, in real terms, a band D property will pay an additional £2.44 over the year. The balance of £42.8k will be met from reserves.

The Parish Council has had to manage an increase in general costs - eg. living wage, pension responsibilities and electricity for street lighting. Some areas of the village require maintenance having lacked attention in previous years and we now have contractors for handyman services and gardening services. A current legal action against the Parish Council has required additional funds to be apportioned.

Monies have been allocated from the reserves for new projects too - speed awareness, Hayes Road zebra crossing and bollards outside the Coop. Projects that have been wanted by councillors and residents alike. Also, for improvement projects to the village notice boards.

The Parish Council takes their responsibilities to the village seriously and the decision to increase the precept was not taken lightly. It is our aim to continue to make Deanshanger better whilst providing value for money to the residents.