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Thank you letter   (19/12/2016)
Dear All,

Just a note to wish you all Merry Christmas 🎄

There has been so much done around the village, both large and small and it is very noticeable how much better things look. It is surprising what a difference even repainting the litter bins can make, it gives a 'cared for' effect and illustrates how much had not been done in previous years. The bench around the tree opposite EWS is a particularly thoughtful touch. Thank you also for the christmas trees in front of the PC office (and the Spar, which I haven't seen yet!)

Also, as a member of Deanshanger in Bloom, thank you for your continuing support and I look forward to planting next year. We have plans for some lovely displays around the village.

And finally, thank you Teresa for being so helpful and proactive.

With Best Wishes

Sharon 🌻